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How adopting a local SEO strategy could give you the edge on larger competitors.

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If you are in an extremely competitive industry, with a load of large corporations fighting for the top of your main key terms, then your location can be your ace card – especially if you are not based in the centre of London.

If you take advantage of all the location-based features that Google have to offer, alongside gearing your website content towards your address, then you could appear ahead of your competition. This is the case when people are using your location in a search term or are searching on a device located near your office.


This Google feature places you on Google Maps, lists you in local business list and allows customers to leave reviews. By claiming this you will certainly start appearing against searches that include your keywords and your location. Also, it’s a good digital housekeeping practice because competitors or trolls can’t claim this and potentially take your Google My Business location out of your control. Measures are in place to stop this, such as providing a business postal address for the location, but there have been cases where some small businesses are unable to claim their location.


If you have the potential to gain local business, then local SEO is will be key to generating leads. A vital part of your local SEO strategy will be making the most of your location. A lot of businesses will have their location on the contact page or in their website terms and conditions and it will not be referred to again. By mentioning your location throughout your site, you will become more relevant to your keyword plus your location – making it easier for local prospects to find you on search engines. Also, make your address and contact details visible throughout the site – as well as helping with your ranking on local searches it will also help with your lead conversion.

You can also develop landing pages or blog posts that have content geared toward a location that you want to rank for. This can be in the form of a case study about a local business that is a satisfied customer, or a sales-focused page that mentions specific advantages to local clients.


By having reciprocal links or recommendations from local clients or partnered businesses will get local web traffic coming too your site, whilst also showing that you have relevant links to local information going away from your site. This will help Google index your site against relevant local terms and show that your site is a useful local resource.

At FTW Digital, our SEO support services can help you cover off all your local SEO bases, creating a practical strategy that will help boost your local web presence.

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