On-site SEO

On-site SEO is the practice of making your website as technically proficient as possible. Your website’s technical accuracy is almost as important to your search engine rankings as the relevancy of your content.

SEO can benefit every business

The content will get your foot in your door, but if your website is not technically up to scratch then you won’t make any significant progress in your keyword rankings – especially if your competitors have technically solid websites.

By making on-site SEO a best practice, your content will not have to work as hard to get noticed. This can range from making sure your site loading speed is quick, to ensuring that your site is structured in a logical and easily navigable order.

Search engines will scan your site as if it were a human, so all the frustrating elements you find in a website will count against its ranking. It will also take into account elements you can’t see as a casual user – such as lack of accurate metatags or lack of robot.txt (the tag which helps Google search bots crawl your site more easily).

We can help you with your on-site SEO

For The Win Digital can you help you achieve a high level of technical accuracy. Our software will identify areas of onsite SEO that needs improvement on your site, and we will work with you to solve these problems. This can be on many levels, from analysing and identifying your issues, to being your technical SEO partner – gaining access to your CMS and solving the problems ourselves.

As well as solving your technical problems, we can also offer support with optimising your existing content to make sure that your website fixes are being complimented by SEO friendly content.

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