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5 Ways SEO Can Help You Boost Your Online Sales

If you arelooking to boost your online sales, you need to ensure that you have aneffective SEO strategy to reach a wider audience and gain those all-importantconversions.

SEO is vital toany online business because it is a key way you can stay in front of yourcustomer throughout their decision-making process. The first

Here are the five ways in which SEO can help you boost online sales and grow your business.

1. Trust In Organic Search 

Around 70% of searchusers skip the ads at the top of the page and look for the organic results.This is because they are seen as the most relevant webpages to their search. Havinga solid SEO strategy gives you a great chance to appear on the key words andphrases associated with your products.

Paid ads can bean effective way of gaining sales, particularly if you have a specific offer fora limited time, however if you are looking to gain a steady stream of relevanttraffic with a good chance of conversion, then concentrating on SEO is a must.

2. Get The Basics Right: Site Speed & MobileResponsive Sites

Having a site thatloads webpages quickly and has mobile responsive page templates will give you amassive advantage when search engines are analysing your site. They are twometrics that are high on the list of ranking factors, as they indicate a gooduser experience.

An increasingnumber of consumers are using mobile devices to search for products andservices, which is why it is so important to provide consumers withmobile-friendly versions of every aspect of your digital footprint.

Many consumerswill leave a page if it is difficult to use from a mobile and will simply finda brand that has catered to this increasing trend. If you want to make sure thatyou get as much online traffic as possible, mobile-friendly content is crucial.

You also need toensure your site speed is fast. If they’re waiting forever for your homepage toload, they’ll just hit the back button and head to another site. Your site shouldhave a load speed of around 3 seconds. You can check your site speed for freeat GTMetrix.

3. Create Knowledgeable And Relevant Content

When creatingdigital content there are two things to keep front of mind, is it optimised forsearch engines and does it have a clear call to action. Your content needs tobe relevant, authoritative, engaging, and well-written to ensure that yourbrand, and its content, is put above the rest. Yes, using keywords isimportant, but they are most important in key areas of your page, such as titleand header tags.

Your contentcould include blog posts, e-books, how-to guides, infographics, podcasts,product reviews, user-generated content, and videos. No matter what type ofcontent you choose to put out there, you need to ensure that it holds valuewith either helpful information or entertaining material, and has a clear goalof what you want the visitor to do (buy a product or visit another part of yoursite).

If you can becomeyour customer’s go-to source for accurate information on topics surroundingwhat you sell, you’ll stand a good chance of winning their business.

4. Social Media Can Play A Big Role InConversion And Getting Relevant Traffic

To build a solid,modern SEO strategy, you need to ensure that you are making the most out ofsocial media. More and more consumers turn to social media platforms, such asFacebook and Instagram, to connect with their favourite brands on a regularbasis. With most consumers looking towards these platforms to provide them withrelevant content, social media provides vast opportunities to connect with yourexisting audience and reach new customers.

Businesses canconnect with their audience on a more human level, allowing for more personalcustomer service interactions that are valuable when you are looking to createmeaningful relationships with your customers.

Social mediaaccounts increase your brand’s authority and trust, both with search enginesand with customers. If they can see you’re an active business they can reachout to, they’ll be much more likely to trust you with their money.

5. Backlinks and Affiliates Matter

Many people inSEO have started doubting the importance of backlinks, but they still matter.Not only are they still essential from a search engine standpoint, as theyincrease your domain’s authority, but they are a great way to get morebuyer-ready traffic to your site.

You can guestpost elsewhere, do sponsored posts on related blogs and online magazines, andyou can also consider running an affiliate program. If you have an affiliateprogram for your products, you can contact influencers in your niche to letthem know about it. Then, when they’re doing a round-up or recommendation post,they can point their readers in the direction of your products.

How to Measure The Commercial Impact Of Your SEOStrategy

Once you’ve implementedyour SEO campaign to boost your online sales, you can measure your SEO sales tocalculate your strategy's success. This can be done by using Google Analytics,which looks at organic website traffic and goal completions, a page action(such as a purchase button or a contact form submission) that you determine asa conversion.

It is beneficialto measure SEO performance regularly. After a month of conversions, you should have enough data tomeasure your SEO strategy’s impact. This can be done simply by viewing theConversions report on Google Analytics. This will show all your conversions,sorted by channel, so you can compare your organic traffic versus your otherchannels, such as email and online advertising.

Having an effectiveSEO strategy is crucial for boosting your online sales. If your current SEOstrategy is not working as you’d hoped or you’re looking to build your firststrategy can help you to build your online audience and provide you with thosevaluable conversions.

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