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New Year, New Marketing Goals

We asked the For The Win team about their marketing resolutions for the year ahead and what they will be focusing on.

The start of a new year is a great time to not only think about our personal goals but also our business goals for the year ahead. The world of digital and marketing moves fast, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on new trends and reassessing your goals and strategy to make sure your marketing activity is optimised for your ideal customer.

For instance, market research agency Insider Intelligence predict that the number of Twitter users will fall by 4% globally in 2023 and by 5% in 2024. This is a loss of 32 million users in total. For businesses that rely heavily on Twitter for their marketing strategy it might be time to consider if it is still the right place to reach their target audience or if they need to focus more on other platforms. Continually reassessing your strategy for an ever-changing and fickle market can ensure you have the time to adjust to any changes on the horizon.

We asked the For The Win Digital team for their marketing resolutions and what they’ll will be focusing on in 2023.

Craig Freeman, Executive Director

“Make 2023 the year you dig deeper into audience segmentation. Consider your ideal prospects in detail, who are they, where are they, what are their unique challenges, and why would they buy from you? The more you understand, the more you can create tailored strategies that are more likely to make a connection.”

Zoe Greenall, Digital Marketing Manager

“I’m going to be listening out for platform changes, staying more on top of what’s coming down the line for the social channels. I also want to spend time looking at the newer platforms such as BeReal. Getting connected with how younger people are using social is always trickier when you’re pushing 40!”


Angela Tobin, Social Media Marketing Manager

“With so many social media platforms, you might think you need to be on all of them. This year, be strategic with where you put your energy and time - make sure you are only on the right platforms for your target audience. Also, resolve to do something different this year! Maybe it's time to launch a monthly newsletter, or use more video content, or try out a collaboration?”


Alice Widger. Search Engine Optimisation Specialist

“SEO is a forever fast-moving entity. From constant algorithm updates, tech changes and new ways for people to search for the thing they need, right now - SEO has never been more powerful for businesses. One thing you should absolutely be doing, if you haven't already, is to get the new Google Analytics, or GA4 tracking on your website. This is for two reasons: the current GA, or Universal Analytics is sun setting in the summer and will no longer collect data. They are also two different platforms and data doesn't transfer over - bad news for year-on-year comparisons, so get tracking now. The second reason is that although the new GA4 looks daunting, and a bit... sparse, it's actually collecting data from lots of different sources - good news for companies who have an app, as both data streams can be tracked via GA4.”


Samantha Vandersteen, Digital Marketing Manager

“It’s no secret that everyone is expected to be a content creator now. For businesses this can prove challenging to get your voice heard over the noise of influencers and big brands with even bigger budgets. So, it’s more important than ever that your content does more than just tick boxes for robots and algorithms. Yes, it’s important not to ignore the algorithms altogether, but writing content just to make Google happy doesn’t make for the most compelling reading. Content is about playing the long game so it shouldn’t always be a hard sell. For 2023, let’s focus on creating content that customers will enjoy and value as much as Google does.”

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